More proud moments for NC

According to RawStory, the KKK in Reidsville has scheduled a cross burning social event in that vicinity. You can listen to the local KKK idiot: . Have not seen one mention in the lamestream media. Want to bet they will ignore it.

Then there is that raving moron "preacher" in Catawba who wants to round up all the homosexuals and pen them with electric fences - till they die.

Has all of NC lost their blooming marbles, totally. As I put it in forwarding the KKK article, Timmy McVeigh has brothers and sisters in Reidsville. Wonder if the FBI, so busy with preemptive sting operations against protesters will list these KKK morons as potential terrorists - naw, theys just good ole boys.

Wonder what else will make us proud of NC further?