Morning Ex: Some General Assembly required

Via Ex:

Lots of looks at the Legislature on opening week:

The Char-O notes the shift of power and ponders Charlotte's clout
The N&O has a preview package including a Q&A with legislators, lobbyists and other important people.
The Cit-Times looks at the impact of the budget shortfall on WNC
The Wilmington Star News talks to Julia Boseman and RC Soles
The News-Argus previews the session
The NC Justice Center lays out a case for tax reform


From the Char-O article

But, he added, "A lot of times, Charlotte thinks it is an island unto itself and it doesn't work well with the rest of the state. People pick up on that in the legislature and they resent it."

That's certainly my take. I know only a few people in Charlotte, including a couple of insiders. From all I can tell, the Queen City could care less about North Carolina as a whole. Call me cynical or uninformed, but that's how I see it.