Motsinger's Clean Campaign

From Elisabeth Motsinger:

This evening, we will know who the voters of the 5th District of North Carolina have selected as your congresswoman for the next two years. You, my supporters, have been so generous with your time, your money, and your encouragement over the last year. You have inspired me--and even more importantly--the campaign's core staff and volunteers--to keep going when the going got rough, when we faced attack mailers from the incumbent, and a smear campaign from a disgruntled blogger.

Because of you, we had to reorder yard signs twice. Because of you, we had to reorder bumper stickers. Because of you, we had to reorder palm cards three times. Because of you, we had the funds to pay for those campaign necessities.

You called voters across the district. You placed signs in your yards. You talked with your colleagues and neighbors about why you support this campaign. You sent scores of letters to the editor to media across the district. You dug deep into your pockets over and over again to help get the message out.

And you did it because this has been your campaign all along. It has been about restoring honesty and decency to campaigns. It has been about showing that you, the people, moving forward together, can make a difference.

Today, come what may, you have made a huge difference. You have shown that a campaign with one-fifteenth the funding of the incumbent's campaign can inspire people across the district to reject politics as usual in favor of the sort of decency and civility in politics you would be proud to have your kids emulate at home and in school.