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Action opportunity from Democracy NC

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You know how destructive big-money special interests have become to our political process. When individuals and corporations can spend millions to elect the candidates of their choice, it's like a bullhorn drowning out the voice of the rest of us. You know that's not how it should be, and that's why you keep speaking up and fighting back.

Many organizations, including Democracy North Carolina, have been helping educate the public about political "puppet masters" like Art Pope, CEO of Roses and Maxway and the largest political donor in North Carolina.

Pope uses his wealth to fund a network of hard-line conservative organizations and politicians who aim to move the state backwards. His recent appointment to UNC’s “Advisory Committee on Strategic Directions" is especially troubling given his extreme views on education. (The committee will hold its first meeting this Wednesday in Chapel Hill.)

Art Pope will be speaking this Thursday, Sept. 27, at 11:00 AM at an event in Raleigh. The Student Power Union of North Carolina is organizing a picket outside the event to call attention to his extreme views on education. Read more and RSVP here:

Make a sign, join the picket line, and speak up for democracy and public education!



I wish.

Here's the simple truth about Art Pope. Not a single human being on this planet would give a crap what he has to say about anything if his daddy hadn't left him a fortune to burn.