My apologies

I've spent a lot of time over the past couple of days asking hard questions and getting good answers. I apologize to Randy Voller and to BlueNC readers for not doing that in the first place. My bad. Thanks to so many in the community for clarifying the facts I missed.



This isn't about Gary Pearce or John Edwards or Democrat Jesus. This is about messaging discipline and focus. This is about a regular guy who has been caught up in the chaos of Republican economic policy.

Thank you

Thank you, but no need to apologize. I understand as a public official that scrutiny comes with the job. I welcome an open and transparent dialogue. I appreciate the BlueNCers due diligence in finding truth.

I am most interested in public policy and what we can do to invest in and improve our communities rather than the politics of personal destruction. I would like to get to the business of rebuilding our party and winning elections. Distractions like this are meant to remove our focus from that task. Onward and upward!

I second that emotion

The GOP's standard playbook is to divide, and we have to make a concerted effort to ignore that and keep moving forward. Together.


Your apology is timely and speaks well for BlueNC. Thanks for caring about the facts.

Perception is reality

Whenever have the facts been important in politics. Please tell me. People will glance at the headlines and will conclude that he is $286,000 or so behind in paying his taxes. Whatever the facts may be I would tend to believe that most people will draw a negative inference. But if you can convince the voters that his tax problems are a plus for the Democratic Party then you are one smart person.

Seems a distraction to me that we do not need.