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I am a proud Navy Vet. I served 22 years in the Navy before retiring. I was a leader, follower, technician, teacher, sportsman, father, arbiter, mentor, royal pain in the rump to many folks. I am fairly positive that I had a positive impact to many people in and out of the Navy.

I was an ambassador for the United States on many continents of the world. I served in 4 ships, (John F. Kennedy CV-67, Nimitz CVN-68, Josephus Daniels CG-27 and Caron DD-970). I taught young sailors the intricacies of computers that todays computer schools would not dare try to teach. I was a Sailor 24 hours a day for those 22 years. I protected many of you and enabled many of you the ability to pursue your dreams and desires. I did this because I wanted to. My father served 20 years in the Air Force and my grandfather also served 20+ years in the Army Air Corps. My brothers (3 of em) all have retired or soon will. My oldest brother is about to go to Iraq for the second time.

What I don’t understand is that when a politician gets voted into office, they do not represent all the people but a political party. I am basically an independent, I am not registered dem or repub. In my opinion, once a person gets elected, especially at the state and federal levels, that person must represent all the people. When they are up for reelection, ok, they are Dems, Rep, Wigs or whatever, but when serving, why do they have to vote down a party line so much? Look at the votes cast on issues, these issues are not dem or rep based, they are people based. Vote for what is best for people and not for the party.
As a retired vet, the one thing that bothers me is this inability to get a budget to support our troops.

I don’t care one iota about the political ramifications of a Republican or Democrat here in the states if those two bodies do not do something about this fiasco going on with our troops. Politicians are saying that the troops in Iraq can continue at the present course until sometime in June, yet they fail to realize that there are troops trying to train today that are going to the region in late summer that will not be getting the money they need to be properly trained. Is that fair to those guys? The politicians of both sides are playing power games with peoples lives.

The politicians voted for this war. Now fund it or step down. For those politicians that where voted in afterward, same freaking thing. Fund this war or get out of the way. Politicians if you feel this war is unjustified, or unwanted, then you had better do something about it.

I personally feel this war now must be brought to the completion we originally voted for, a government for the Iraqis that can stand on its own feet. We promised the Iraqis that we would leave when that happened, or when they asked us to, which ever came first. The recognized government of Iraq has not asked us to leave, nor can it stand on its own. As a nation, we need to honor that promise.

How many of you know how long it took for us to finally get out of Japan after WW2? We decimated that country, destroyed its entire infrastructure, humiliated a proud country to make them quit.

In Iraq, we decimated that country, destroyed its entire infrastructure, but did not humiliate the people. We surgically removed the head of the country. The head was Hussain.

In Japan, we took out the head, but we left the heart, the Emperor. With the Emperor still in place, and considered a deity to the people, it still took us till Apr of 1952 to finally leave. Hussain was hanged by his own people in Dec. 2006. With the lose of the head and no one to truly rally the people, we will have a tougher time in Iraq. Something our politicians who voted for this war should have known. Our politicians should be explaining this to us, and explaining to us how it would not be in the best interest of the United States to leave Iraq and let them fend for them self. By my figuring, we have till 2013 to get out of Iraq. Something our politicians should have calculated when they voted for this war. Hindsight sucks sometimes.

When you utilize the most powerful tool on the face of the earth and have a coalition of other countries assisting in the use of that tool, you had better expect the mission to be completed. The military did indeed do the mission requested of them, wage war on Iraq and we did it to the best of our ability. Now our politicians are asking our troops to perform a mission for which they truly are not trained for, and that is policing a nation. Yes Bush asked congress for permission to go to war, however, this war was approved by the representatives of the people. I was not afforded a vote to decide whether to declare war on Iraq. But 535 plus 100 folks DID have this vote. So is it Bush’s war, or the United States’ war? We as a nation need to unify behind our troops and say this is OUR war and fight it to the best of our abilities.

If the politicians want to have power games, then go after something else, but they had better get their collective heads out of their collective butts and either bring the boys home, or fund them properly and do it NOW.


Thanks for your service and your thoughts.

Iraq has become, in my mind, a symbol of the lies and mismanagement foisted upon all of us...troops Bush and a feckless Congress. They need to abundantly fund our troops and at the same time find a way to finish the job and bring them home quickly.
SE NC Dems

Stan Bozarth

Beautifully stated!

Thank you.

the debate over funding... occurring because there seems to be no other way to bring the troops home.

we are not going to create an iraq that governs itself if iraqis are busy killing each other over old resentments.

the situation we find ourselves in today seems to explain mr. bush the elder's decision not to topple saddam hussein.

"...i feel that if a person can't communicate, the very least he can do is to shut up." --tom lehrer, january 1965

Great Job Stan

Your blog was well done and your service will not be forgotten by anyone who loves freedom.

Marshall Adame
2014 U.S. Congress Candidate NC-03