NC-3: Weber Signs Everywhere

No one wants wing-nut Walter B Jones, Jr to lose more than me. Heck for a while I ran a blog just about Walter. That having been said, I haven't given his opponent Craig Weber much love - mostly because I haven't thought he had a snowballs chance in hell.

I still ain't sure Weber has a shot, but I will give him this much - the 3rd District (at least between Goldsboro and Atlantic Beach) is covered in Weber for Congress signs. Maybe it's time I showed him a little more love, and sent him some money.


Well even

where my parents live, in the heart of Republican Wayne county (just on the border with Lenoir) there are Weber signs... maybe he just hit highways 70 and 258... I havent seen a single Jones sign any where (tho plenty of Willie Ray Starling signs, who may be the single biggest moron/asshole to ever walk the planet)...