NC: Catholic bishops and legislators foment anti-gay hate at presser

There was religion-based bigotry in action yesterday as two of the state's Catholic bishops participated in a dog-and-pony show for the cameras to declare their support for a marriage amendment. (N&O):

North Carolina's two Roman Catholic bishops joined dozens of religious leaders, conservative state lawmakers and traditional-values activists seeking an amendment to the state constitution banning gay marriage. Bishop Michael Burbidge of Raleigh and Peter Jugis (JEW'-gis) of Charlotte attended a news conference at the Legislature in Raleigh on Tuesday.

N&O Staff Writer Ruth Sheehan could barely contain her contempt for the hypocritical hate generated at this presser.

Standing up in front of the cameras at a packed news conference, the legislators blathered on sanctimoniously about the need for an amendment to the state constitution banning gay marriage.

The stunner, though, was the appearance of the state's two most important Catholic leaders -- Bishop Michael Burbidge of Raleigh and Bishop Peter Jugis of Charlotte. Standing to the right of the podium, these learned theologians listened as politician after politician claimed his or her moment in the anti-gay sunshine.

The pols, Republicans and a few Democrats, crowed that mom plus mom doesn't equal a dad. They warned about homosexuality being promoted in the schools. They glorified heterosexual marriages, half of which end in divorce.

Rep. Dewey Hill, a Columbus County Democrat, told about a couple he knew back home who had 19 children.

Now there's the sort of ideal we all should aim for.

Yet the bishops stood there nodding, as if this were a group with which they actually shared a world view. That's what was so disappointing.

...Jugis, speaking on behalf of Burbidge, stressed that the push for a constitutional ban was not intended to disparage the "homosexually driven." Rather it was to affirm and celebrate the sacred bond of marriage between man and woman.

But at the news conference, there was far more condemning than affirming going on.

She pointed out that while the state economy is in crisis, and the number of poor are multiplying, and the health care is broken, these public officials and religious leaders seem to think "protecting" marriage is the highest priority. You have to read the rest.

Religion-based bigotry will be on display again on March 4th when "thousands" of fundies are going to brought in to demonstrate in Raleigh that an amendment is needed to "protect marriage" in North Carolina.

Fight the well-funded bigotry machine as it descends on the Tar Heel State, the last state in the South without a marriage amendment. They want another win after Prop 8, and they see NC as fertile ground to capitalize on apathy, ignorance and fear.

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Charlotte Bishop Joins Hate Brigade

His mother, his Christ and his God must be so proud.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

That press conference was a hoot!

If all the closet cases at the legislative building yesterday were living their lives in truth, it would have been a gay pride parade on Jones Street.


So glad the Roman church did not let me join it

Things happen for a reason. Back when I was looking for a church home, the priest at the church that I had been going to said I was "living in un repentant sin" and he would not allow me to join. I am husband #2 and my wife was going through the annulment process (another scam by the church) and until that was complete and we got married in the church, I was literly living in sin. Seems the fact I would not confess this sin really galled him.