NC community college tuition has skyrocketed under GOP leadership

While looking into another of the DAG's promises for help:

At an event focused on helping female veterans connect with any services and organizations they might need, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory made several major announcements.

He told the audience attending the Inaugural Women Veterans Summit and Expo at the National Guard Joint Forces Headquarters that his proposed budget will include $1.8 million to make sure that all returning military members can pay in-state tuition prices for North Carolina community colleges, even if they're originally from out of state.

I came across some data that totally undermines the GOP's near-constant chirping about how technical and vocational education, as opposed to 4-year university degrees, is the panacea for getting people back to work and growing the economy. If they really believed this, they would have put their money where their mouths are and arrested this development:

2001-02 $31.00 $496.00 $992.00 12.7% $173.25 $2,772.00 $5,544.00 2.1%
2002-03 $34.25 $548.00 $1,096.00 10.5% $190.75 $3,052.00 $6,104.00 10.1%
2003-04 $35.50 $568.00 $1,136.00 3.6% $197.00 $3,152.00 $6,304.00 3.3%
2004-05 $38.00 $608.00 $1,216.00 7.0% $211.00 $3,376.00 $6,752.00 7.1%
2005-06 $39.50 $632.00 $1,264.00 3.9% $219.50 $3,512.00 $7,024.00 4.0%
2006-07 $39.50 $632.00 $1,264.00 0.0% $219.50 $3,512.00 $7,024.00 0.0%
2007-08 $42.00 $672.00 $1,344.00 6.3% $233.30 $3,732.80 $7,465.60 6.3%
2008-09 $42.00 $672.00 $1,344.00 0.0% $233.30 $3,732.80 $7,465.60 0.0%
2009-10 $50.00 $800.00 $1,600.00 19.0% $241.30 $3,860.80 $7,721.60 3.4%
2010-11 $56.50 $904.00 $1,808.00 13.0% $248.50 $3,976.00 $7,952.00 3.0%
2011-12 $66.50 $1,064.00 $2,128.00 17.7% $258.50 $4,136.00 $8,272.00 4.0%

The set of three dollar figures on the left is in-state tuition (per semester hour, per semester, per year), and those on the right out-of-state. While the massive spike in in-state tuition began the year before Republicans took over the General Assembly, that was also the year the Federal Stimulus ran out, at least for propping up education spending.

It's not a "good" excuse, because we could/should have moved some stuff around to keep community college tuition from jumping at the absolute worst time, when tens of thousands of laid-off workers were trying to reinvent themselves. But Republicans should have put a lid on that particular jar, or at least argued about it some.

In case you're wondering, the per hour rate is now $71.50, and senior citizens now have to pay the full rate. Massive fail, Republicans. The next time one of you starts to croon about vocational education, better think twice. Believe it or not, there is a limit to the lies you can get away with.


NC GOP war on education

They've been cutting education at all levels. They talk about how great our community college system is while starving it. Community colleges already operated with bare-bones budgets before last year's cuts. Community colleges experience increased demand during bad economic times yet the NCGA cuts their budgets. They're the experts on doing more with less, but they're starving.

With decreased state funding (just like the university system), one of the few levers the community college system has is tuition, which has to go up.

The downward spiral will continue as companies decline to come to or stay in NC because we don't have a decent education system but we do have oppressive, neanderthal social policies and a lack of civil rights.

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014