NC Dem Congressmen Endorse John Edwards

Not sure how I missed posting this, but better late than never.

Chapel Hill, North Carolina – The John Edwards for President campaign announced today that all seven members of North Carolina's Democratic Congressional delegation are endorsing Senator John Edwards for President.

The seven North Carolina congressmen endorsing Edwards are Congressman G.K Butterfield (D-1st), Congressman Bob Etheridge (D-2nd), Congressman David Price (D-4th), Congressman Mike McIntyre (D-7th), Congressman Heath Shuler (D-11th), Congressman Mel Watt (D-12th) and Congressman Brad Miller (D-13th).

"I am proud to have the support of these outstanding members of Congress," said Edwards. "They work each and every day to bring North Carolina common sense to Washington and to represent the people of our great state with dignity and honor. I value both their ideas and their friendship and thank them for their support."

Congressman Price endorsed Edwards saying, "The North Carolina delegation unanimously supports John's candidacy because we know his character, leadership ability, and commitment to our country. John's vision for our country is one of opportunity and common sense solutions to the challenges we face. He'll be an effective President, and we look forward to helping put a great North Carolinian in the White House."

Congressman Watt said, "I've known John for years and support his commitment to helping Americans climb the economic ladder. He has been in close contact with poor and working people and has studied the issues that impact them. It's a new way of approaching a presidential campaign - from the bottom up, rather than from the top down - and his success will set a wonderful precedent for how future presidential campaigns are run."

It's good to have hometeam support. Heck, given the state of her reelection chances, perhaps Liddy Dole will endorse him soon.


Things are moving in the right direction.

And, I guess we're all just holding our breath waiting for April 1.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.


John's been doing some serious wooing. I wonder how many of them want to date John but marry Hillary?

Scrutiny Hooligans -

I doubt many of them.

Maybe Pat. Other than him, I think that most of them are populists, so Edwards would be most in line with their groove.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

Amazing they would come out so early on this

but John Edwards, at least imho, is a great choice.

No matter that patriotism is too often the refuge of scoundrels. Dissent, rebellion, and all-around hell-raising remain the true duty of patriots.

Progressive Discussions

i think

all of them endorsed him in 04, its less of a step to do it again.

Draft Brad Miller -- NC Sen ActBlue :::Petition

"Keep the Faith"

They Know Him Better than We Do

We meet John at rallys, on television, or in print.

I've always liked his stance. Honesty, sincerity, and integrity.

From his book, Four Trials:

"There are few things I know better than this: the right to dignity - at every level of society - is and must be one of the chief guarantees of a civilized society."


"Unfortnately the insurance company also did what many powerful businesses do, and when the Republican Party took control of the state legislature in 1995, its lobbyists seized the moment. Soon a bill was passed disallowing punitive damage awards against a company as a result of an employee's actions, unless that particular action was specifically ratified by corporate officers. Meaning, among other things, that today Golda Howard would not be able to seek punitive damages from Collins & Aikman. Yes, our lawsuit had sent a message, and that message ultimately was: if you don't like the law, change it. Which, regrettably, they did.

The message to me, on the other hand, was one Id confronted over my legal career and I'd grown to appreciate: if you can't help enough people being a lawyer, consider being a lawmaker."

My take away from this book is this: John Edwards knew that as a lawyer, the number of people he could help was limited. However, as a member of the legislature, or as our President, his ability to help others was unlimited.