NC Democrats only granted symbolic role in GOP budget negotiations

To seem rather than to be:

Eight state House Democrats, including Rep. Elmer Floyd of Fayetteville and Rep. Marvin Lucas of Spring Lake, were invited to the Republican-controlled table to help negotiate the final version of the $22.9 billion North Carolina budget this month.

House and Senate lawmakers began meeting behind closed doors this past Monday to work out their differences in the budget, which they are supposed to pass into law no later than June 30. Lucas said on Thursday said he had not yet been invited to attend one of the work sessions. In these negotiations, Lucas said, it’s better to keep quiet about what you want because the other side can use that against you.

Bolding mine, because that is some seriously immature behavior. Maybe they should try reverse psychology? "Please don't fund this affordable housing project, and why don't we cut those godawful food stamps, too?" But you know what? Lucas is right. There are some things in the House Budget I want to see survive these negotiations, but I have decided (this year) to not blog about those things here at BlueNC, for fear of making them a target for removal. How screwed up is that? And along the lines of "reverse psychology," I'm tempted to cheer this guy on, in the hopes my approval will sour his position:

Another Democrat, state Rep. William Brisson of Bladen County, also is on the conference committee. He was more optimistic than Lucas on having a say on the final budget. Brisson expects to have “some input” on health and human service matters, which have been a focus for him during his legislative career.

Brisson may have more sway than the legislature’s other Democrats because he often votes with the Republicans on partisan issues. He also is a co-chairman of one of the House’s budget committees, an unusually high position for a Democrat.

Ehhh. I can't bring myself to say nice things about somebody who has helped override Vetoes from two different Democratic Governors, even if it might cause him some problems. You can die from nausea, you know. Okay, I'm not sure if you can actually die from that, but it can make you wish for death.



Walk out

This is why the Dems in the legislature should symbolically hold a walk-out during negotiations or votes on messes like this and, instead, hold open meetings with their constituents.

If there's no place at the table, just walk away and work on changing the reservations for the seating.