NC GOP attacking school boards statewide?

Tea Party Tedesco seems to have an inside track:

Today's message, obtained by WRAL, hints at tense discussion among board members over legislative proposals to give the county ownership of schools and redraw school board districts, two powers that currently rest with school boards in North Carolina. "What the General Assembly giveth, they can clearly take," Tedesco warns the board.

Apparently this is not just a Wake County issue. Not sure what this all means, but I do know one thing: as a voter, I use vastly different criteria when selecting a county commissioner candidate vs a school board candidate. They're not interchangeable, and neither are their (current) powers and responsibilities. I can't say I'm speaking for all voters, but I'd say "most" is a safe bet. Republicans might think this is clever, but it could bite them in the ass. Hard.


This whole effort to re-define what the state and county own

seems to violate the constitutional division of powers and the protections of property owners. I realize that the legislature can assign and limit both in some degree. It sounds to me that the state is taking over the roles of school board and county commission both. That seems to violate the rights of voters and parents alike.

I recall similar situations in other states resulted in legal actions by the towns affected against the state for assuming powers not given to the state constitutionally. There is also the question of local schools built and paid for and operated by local tax levies belonging as property and enterprises to the local authorities.

Sounds to me like the Supreme Court needs to speak on this one...

It would not be the first legislation proposed by ALEC that was unconstitutional on the face of it.

Pitt County

I believe Republican Sen. Louis Pate got a measure through the last session which would have reduced the size and term of the Pitt County School Board. However, I think the US Justice Dept struck down the law due to it lessening minority input on the board. Newly elected Republican Brown held a meeting last week where he is restarting the process. It does make you wonder why we have local school boards if the decisions are made in Raleigh.