NC GOP begins systematic dismantling of NC's air toxics program

What a wise man builds, an ignorant man can tear down:

The North Carolina legislature this year exempted pollution sources from state oversight if they are also covered by federal rules and don’t pose an “unacceptable risk” to human health. Among the recommendations are setting looser screening thresholds for facilities that release pollutants directly upward, a change that would apply to about one-third of all facilities.

Because if it goes directly upwards, it can't hurt us, right? Fucking idiots. More philosophy: A civilization guided by those who are most lacking in wisdom is doomed to failure.


I'd contemplated skipping politics today,

but the current political environment makes that a luxury we can't afford. We may not be able to stop Republicans from using their new-found powers to drag us backwards, but we must remain conscious of what's happening, even if it's depressing as hell.

When money is the only thing

When money is the only thing that matters, there's no end to the damage that will be done. And make no mistake. Money is the only thing that matters to these Libertarian assholes. If they can figure out a way to let one more special interest make one more dollar, they'll unleash holy hell for the cause.

Merry Christmas, baby Jesus. Art Pope is fixin' to piss all over your manger.

Being civil... getting old.

Being civil...

is entirely over-rated.

Friends sometimes ask me why I get so angry sometimes. Which always prompts me to ask why they don't get more angry.

For the sake of a few bucks in a few pockets, the GOP is going to pretend that the crap businesses pump into our air and water are "not a problem."

Then they'll act all shocked when more kids get brain damage from mercury poisoning.

Assholes is too kind a word.

That's my point...We are

That's my point...We are being slowly murdered for the sake of a dollar in some rich bastard's pocket. Going about trying to stop them in a civil manner is not working. No one is taking us seriously. How much longer can we go on like this?

Unfortunately, it may be a natural cycle

We've come a long way since the 1970's, when companies pretty much dumped whatever they wanted into the water and air. So we put a regulatory system in place, force the companies to use maximum achievable control technologies, and great strides are made in limiting pollution.

Only now, politicians (especially the dumb or greedy ones) have been lulled into believing that pollution is no longer a problem, so we don't need the very regulations that brought about those improvements in the first place.

The lack of logic is there for anyone (even a fifth grader) to note, but those idiots sit there and smile while they tear down a system that we still desperately need.

It is frustrating, and it does make me want to let Evil Steve loose for a while. But we can't do things like that. While direct action may get people's attention, your words must contain more than anger if you want to change their minds.

Please tell me....

what's left to be said.....?

"your words must contain more than anger if you want to change their minds."

Lots of things

Something I've learned from fighting these battles over the years is that personal narratives have a much greater impact on public opinion than even the most well-documented estimates of what damage may occur from unwise environmental policy.

That's one of the reasons I prefer to use those personal stories in Friday fracking videos. Aside from the fact that those people deserve to be heard, and mainstream media is usually more inclined to quote experts from either side, putting these faces and stories out there makes the problem real, instead of theoretical. And quite often the subjects in the video remind viewers of people (family/friends) they know.

The issue of environmental damage is fluid (as opposed to static), meaning there's always something new happening that needs to be exposed and discussed. So yes, there's always something left to be said.

When questioned...

....about the thousands of fracking videos from individuals on YouTube as opposed to the cherry picking of a couple of fracking studies from Duke and Texas, my Representative Mike Hager, said the videos from individuals weren't documented or verifiable...therefore worthless and would not be considered in his decisions...

Talking to brick walls seem to always achieve the same results...

"If you're not outraged,

"If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention." Education is the beginning of revolution. And it's easy to hide evils in the minutia of government. Every act of this government must be met by public outcries or it will never see the light of day.