NC GOP flip-flops on transfer tax

Now that they hold the purse strings, it's all of a sudden a good idea:

"The vernacular being used is to call it a conveyance fee," Andrea Bushnell, NCAR executive vice president, wrote in a recent note to members. "Don't be fooled -- it is still a transfer tax on the sale of real property! This is the same tax that we fought hard in 2007 and was defeated 24 times on 24 local ballots."

That's what you get for helping to elect a political party that needs to be bottle-fed its legislation by ALEC and Art Pope's stable of confused faux-Libertarians. Methinks those $4,000 campaign contributions are about to dry up...


The only difference:

The previous attempts to engage a transfer tax would have directly benefitted local (county and municipal) efforts to deal with infrastructure needs associated with growth, while this new version appears to be for state-wide budget needs.

In other words, the "small-government" Republicans are once again funneling power and money upwards.