NC GOP garners more embarassing national attention

Not that NC Republicans read Esquire Magazine, but still:

Naturally, if you make the unemployed even more desperate more quickly, the "job creators" will respond by hiring all of them at the same wages they were being paid before they were laid off, or even perhaps at a higher wage, because that is the way "job creators" always have operated in this exceptional country of ours. Otherwise, one might suggest that the governor has decided that it's North Carolina's turn to prance around in Mississippi drag.

As much as I hate to say it, I think we can expect much more negative national attention, and probably more than our fair share of negative international attention. But I doubt it will have much impact on the behavior of Republicans here, as reality isn't their strong suit.


It may not impact on GOP

It may not impact on GOP behavior but it sure as hell will in companies relocation plans. I guess the truth is coming out...NC GOP is not business friendly to businesses who have to do business nationally or god forbid internationally...and certainly not any hi science based anywhere on the planet. So guess we will just get more pig farms and chicken farms and slaughter houses that will also make the news because they kick turkeys around. Welcome to the joke that is now the Old North State. Ain'tcha proud. I know I am. All we need now is for our one Democrat Senator to vote against gun reform an assault weapons and one surely doesn't expect her to vote for immigration reform..she made that clear by her no vote on Dream Act. Maybe Kay can get herself a gig with NC Chamber and get us some more pig farms. Don't expect much from the GOP if the bar is so low with the Democrats.