NC GOP: hit & run & get away with it

Bill Rabon bolts after backing incident:

On 5/4/14 at 2158 hrs I responded to the PVA of 126 Princess St in reference to a hit and run accident. Upon my arrival I met with Colton Weaver 12/3/85, Mr Weaver`s yellow Honda had been hit (5M97BP NC). Mr Weaver advised that he had not witnessed the accident, his vehicle had sustained minor damage to the back right tail light. Jonathan Watkins 12/18/67 advised that he was across the street when he witnessed the accident occur. Mr Watkins advised that a white GMS Sierra four door backed into the yellow Honda and was attempting to leave. He approached same and told the driver that they just hit that car and should at least get out and take care of it. But the driver of the GMC left the area without stopping. Mr Watkins advised he noticed a `William Rabon for NC Senate` bumber stick on the back of the truck and the license plate number had `15` in same... I attempted to make contact with Mr Rabon by phone several times but no answer and voicemail was unavailable. Brunswick County Sheriff deputies went by his home address to make contact with him but no contact was made. No charges were filled at the time of this report.

Rabon has since been charged with "failure to look while backing" or some such nonsense, but nothing about leaving the scene or anything alcohol-related, which is a very likely factor in the accident. I redacted the name of the officer "filling" the report so as to avoid his high school English teacher from tracking him down and punishing him. See? I support law enforcement.


Privileged scumbag dirtball

What good is being a senator if you can't get away with crimes? No charges were filed? Somebody's head should roll ... right along with Rabon's.

Equally frustrating

is that, because the NCDP sent out a vague press release about this the night before the Primary election, some people have written this story off as merely "politics as usual," or another reason to criticize the NCDP itself (this by many Democrats, by the way). So the only people who are taking it even remotely serious are Wilmington-area media outlets.

Never mind that he's a Senator in the majority, sitting in Raleigh crafting laws for all the rest of us. Oh no. If the NCDP says one thing, a whole passel of normally intelligent folks will automatically go against it. There's more than one circus in town.

Bumber stick

That is what we would expect to see on Rabon's vehicle.

Taking bets on whether Rabon supports "law and order".

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014


Goodness gracious, you have a whole world of crazy surrounding you out there in Person County.

Thanks for taking on the asshats ... it can be a thankless and frightening job.

It is a beautiful place

Quite a few good people here, too. It's just a matter of organization.

The one thing we really need is a newspaper that isn't run by the Republicans. For one thing, it might help call national attention to the Klan running rampant.

The Courier-Times seems fine with that.