The NC GOP Jobs Plan

The NC GOP jobs plan has been outlined in the first two days of the new legislative session. Cut spending on any program that benefits the poor, mentally ill, or the elderly. Oppose health care reform by any means necessary, provide welfare for the wealthy and corporations by eliminating their tax burden and transferring it to the poor and middle class. End public education and sustain high unemployment,and make the state's economy less competitive.
The entire NC GOP is working from the same basic idea, which is to privatize the common wealth and natural resources of the state.


jobs plan

This is not a jobs plan, it is a business plan. A plan to enrich business. The only real 'job creators' are a thriving middle class with money in their pockets to spend. Middle class spending creates demand for goods and services and that is what drives additional hiring. Every step we take that hurts the middle class hurts the entire economy. When businesses 'save money' they don't create jobs, they just give their CEO a bigger bonus.