NC GOP just can't wait to screw over jobless

Making sure the crisis is redirected at the unemployed:

"We have a bill drafted, ready to roll. The federal extended benefits stopped on Dec. 29. We tied everything on that assumption. We didn’t know they were going to extend the benefits a year," Howard said. Asked what she would say to jobless workers whose federal checks will stop July 1, Howard said, "I'd tell them they got 26 more weeks."

This is the kind of service people get from allowing her ass to warm that seat for a quarter-of-a-fucking-century. The sense of urgency is not to help people who are in a crisis, it's to help business avoid paying a tax they've been avoiding for almost two decades. Disgusting doesn't even come close to describing it.


Pardon the language

Reading Rep. Howard's statements, especially this one:

This is becoming a welfare program.

just set me off. And coming from a realtor makes it doubly offensive, since that industry contributed greatly to the out-of-control sub-prime fiasco that caused this recession in the first place.

In all honesty, if it hadn't been for the tiered unemployment benefits, I would have lost my house. A house that I've busted my ass to keep and maintain for some seventeen years.

The callous disregard NC's Republicans have for the hundreds of thousands of families struggling through this crisis is, in a word, incomprehensible. How can they say and do these things and still look in the mirror? Are they so entranced by gazing at their own navels that they don't even feel a twinge of remorse for cutting these families off at the knees?

All other political/ideological considerations aside, they do not deserve the power voters have so unwisely bestowed upon them. They've either forgotten or never learned a basic aspect of leadership: when in doubt, refrain from taking steps that may do more harm than good.


Yes, depriving the NC economy of more than $100 million a month ($1.2 billion per year) in federal money is sooooo helpful.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure boosting the economy

is way down at the bottom of their list of priorities, far below important things like teaching out-of-work citizens paternalistic lessons and breaking our state's ties to the tyrranical Federal government.

It's like watching a puppy chew on a valuable antique.

They'd better start thinking

They'd better start thinking of the economic impact: one reason given for going to sales tax as the primary source of state revenue is that it is supposedly stable. Stable because in times of high unemployment, various government programs available to the unemployed keep them spending money, and thus, providing sales tax revenue for the state. If they cut this, and go to higher sales tax and no income tax, they are shooting the state in the foot.

Shooting the state in the foot

That's the least they will do. More like shooting the state right between the eyes ... with a smile on their greedy faces.