NC GOP makes government more accessible, unless you're hungry

Apparently the acronym NC FAST isn't a reference to speed, it's about fasting:

Since mid-July, thousands of families in North Carolina have had to wait weeks and months for SNAP benefits (commonly known as food stamps) as a result of the failed rollout of a new computerized program known as NC FAST. Statewide, over 50 percent of the households receiving food assistance include children under 18. From the mountains to the coast, food pantries are stretched to their limit, and parents are unsure of how they will feed their children. So far, McCrory and Health and Human Services Secretary Aldonna Wos, who oversees the implementation of NC FAST, have done little to help those affected by the delays.

This problem isn't even on their radar. If you're in such financial straights that you need food stamps to keep your family from suffering malnutrition, you won't be writing any campaign contribution checks any time soon. They need to change the acronym for this program to NC SOL.


Update on Food Stamps....

Delays of nine weeks or more EVEN for people previously approved and receiving food stamps.....This is unacceptable. OUR tax dollars are being with held from programs that actually help people, while, I am sure those generous raises at DHHS weren't hindered a bit....THIS IS NOT OKAY. It simply isn' the way, what's the state going to do in "compensation" for the wait and lack of food stamps that these households have experienced.....there's a little "restitution" due to these folks as well as a much better managed program.