NC GOP wets its pants over Perdue comment

If they exhibited a fraction of this energy trying to fix our unemployment problem, we might not have one:

SenatorBerger 5:55pm via Twitter for iPhone Berger: "I want to state clearly, on the record, that I do NOT support suspending our next gubernatorial election." #ncga #ncpol

Here's the quote these dimwits are so wound up about:

"I think we ought to suspend, perhaps, elections for Congress for two years and just tell them we won't hold it against them, whatever decisions they make, to just let them help this country recover," Perdue said.

Forgetting for a moment the fact this was obviously a farcical aside to highlight the issues surrounding the perpetual campaigning for U.S. House seats, the bottom line is: The Governor doesn't have the power to do this. She doesn't even have the power to get the process started, much less finish it. And she knows it, and so do all the professional politicians trying to use this to obscure their incompetence.

And so does Francis DeLuca, one of Art Pope's puppet captains, who just sent me a hysterical e-mail:

You and I both know that Governor Perdue has always clung to the hard left liberal policies of president Obama and Nancy Pelosi, but now she has gone too far.

You and I must respond! Please help me send a message by signing our petition to the governor telling her that we believe in democracy, not dictatorship! Tell her to retract here statement, and explain herself!

This is unacceptable!

As conservatives, the policy we fight for is that of the Constitution! Fredrich A. Hayek said that “We shall never prevent the abuse of power if we are not prepared to limit power.”

Elections are the most fundamental limit on power in our government, and you know as well as I that power undivided is power unchecked.

There's more, but my gag reflex is trying to kick in, so...anyway, Francis knows that all of that jumping up and down he did in this e-mail was blatant fear-mongering with only the basest of goals: To help the Republican Party strengthen its hold on our state.

And it's also, unless I'm sorely mistaken, a campaign expenditure against a candidate.


They ain't seen nothing yet

Governor Perdue made a surprise appearance at a pro-choice event tonight and spoke with all the passion we could ever want from a governor. It was inspiring - and it's very clear she's up for taking it to them. I wish I had been able to record her comments, they were truly awesome.

I honestly don't know how she puts up with the asshats running the General Assembly these days.

As for Fran Deluca, I've yet to meet one person in North Carolina who doesn't think he's a joke! All those exclamation marks! I guess that's a secret dog whistle to indicate that Fran is trying to be taken seriously! Poor puppy! Wetting all over himself from excitement!


This is funny coming from the crowd who is busy abusing power and limiting freedom of those they don't agree with. The hypocrisy is appalling.

Please sign my petition to tell DeLuca to shove it up his ass.

Think Progress were giddy over it too

They wet themselves on Twitter...really looked foolish.

I admit her remark was poorly played and she isn't the best at delivering sarcasm or hyperbole, but Think Progress wound up looking as silly as the Republicans.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

And the idiocy continues...

Via Twitter:

NCHouseGOP 8:48am via TweetDeck RT @MyNCSenate: Berger: Do Not Cancel Governor's Race -- #ncga #ncpol #ncgov

Not only was she not serious about the election suspension thing, she was talking about (U.S.) Congressional elections, not state-level offices. Sheesh.