NC Greed Over People Party's Economic Plan

The NC Republican focus on an economic plan for the state was on full display Monday night in Raleigh. The House, led by Thom Tillis, was moving forward to slash UI benefits and cut off 80,000 workers laid off through no fault of their own.
The Senate, led by the always arrogant, venal, and avaristic Phil Berger, was showing it's contempt for low income NC citizens by denying 500,000 of them access to health care.
In the right wing nut fever swamp these two exist in, removing 600 million dollars in Federal money provided by UI actually helps NC's economy.
According to a recent study by the Institute of Medicine, the Affordable Care Act would bring 15 billion dollars into NC hospitals and create 23,000 jobs. The Federal government pays 100% of the cost for the first three years and 90% after that.
In the upside down bizarro world of NC GOP economics, this is called growth, to the rest of us, it is Orwellian doublethink.
All of this is simply designed to distract from the fact that they have no idea how to turn NC's economy around. They are in business to assist corporations and the wealthy in aquiring what is left of the wealth of this state and concentrating it into as few of hands as possible. Preferably theirs.
NC used to be a state known for it's manufacturing capabilities, the NC GOP is becoming famous nation wide for manufacturing chaos and keeping it's citizens in a constant state of crisis.
When they said they would focus on the economy, what they really meant was fuck us.


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The Affordable Care Act will bring 23,000 jobs to North Carolina and the fracking industry is promising us 1,000 jobs. Which option should a jobs-promising politician pursue?? The ACA jobs would go to NC residents but we have no guarantee how many of the fracking jobs would do the same. My bet is a large number of them will go to out of state specialists with experience in drilling. Oh! Wait! Maybe 'oil rig roustabout' will be a program in our new vocational high schools!! And universities! Now, would that be a BA degree... or is it just a lot of BS....