NC last in minority health; AMA calls for Medicaid expansion

The independent non-partisan Commonwealth Fund is out with a new report on health-care and North Carolina is ranked last in the country in minority health care.

NC ranked 36 out of 51 states overall, but ranked last with minority health among all states in the nation. We also have some of the most expensive employer health insurance in the country, with premiums 13 percent higher than the national average.

The study looked at areas such as access and affordability, prevention and treatment, healthy lives, equity, and affordable hospitals.

The Atlantic has an overview of the report, highlighting a the role of Medicaid expansion in overcoming healthcare disparities in the South.

In an editorial in the Journal of the American Medical Association yesterday, the Commonwealth Fund's Douglas McCarthy and David Radley highlighted Medicaid expansion as one way to bridge the North-South healthcare divide.

"If all states participate in Medicaid expansions, the geographic divide documented by the scorecard might narrow,” they wrote. “However, if many states do not, the divide could widen in the future."