NC polling update: The plot thickens

Lots of good stuff reported in this excellent horse race update from NC Citizens for Progress. Bottom line? The more people know about Pat McCrory, the less they like him.


Who is Neal Hunt?

Neal Hunt has ads that he's running for NC Senate but I have no idea who he is--other than some Republican businessman.

His ad is as follows: "Neal Hunt will cut 'wasteful' spending and government 'red tape.' That's good for everybody.

Really? What wasteful spending is that, education, health care?

What red tape is that--environmental protections, financial regulations?

You mean bumper sticker policy is "good" for Republicans, NOT EVERYBODY.

Neal Hunt, one person's view

I had thought Neal Hunt was a pretty innocuous Senator until recently. Got a call this week from someone in Raleigh who opposes the Dix Hospital Property being given away for a park. She was steamed, because Neal Hunt and Richard Stevens blocked a bill that many other local GOP leaders supported.

That bill would have required the NC General Assembly to vote to allow a transfer, sale, or other disposition of the Dix Property and for any proceeds to go into a Mental Health Trust Fund. Stevens said he opposed the bill, because he wanted the funds to go to the General Fund, not a MH Trust Fund. Hunt has not gone on the record saying why he opposed it (at least not to my knowledge).

Martha Brock