NC Pride Sat Sept 25!

The statewide Pride event is happening all this weekend. There is a full schedule of events from Thursday through Sunday across the state, but of course the big event is the rally and parade in Durham.

11: 55am National Anthem for Opening Ceremony
NOON "Pride Rally with Speakers and Dignitaries, Parade Marshall and special performances"
12:45- 2:15pm PARADE LINE UP TO MARCH with Bagpipes
1pm Parade Begins (Official Reviewing Stand at Madhatter's Cafe at the corner of Main and Broad St.
1pm - 4pm Viewing Party

I attended for the first time last year and had a blast. You can see my bluenc blogging on that here. I'm going to try to make it tomorrow (if my grad student related duties allow), and I'll see if I can't snap a few pictures and share a summary when I get back. But I wanted to make sure to at least post an announcement about the event here.

More information:



Pride photos!

NC Pride 2010!

Grounds/Tent area:

Mayor Kleinschmidt Speech:

Made some great points about how a lot of LGBT equality issues are going to be decided in the next decade and that redistricting, and thus the leaders who will be in place to make those decisions will happen after this election cycle:

Saw Elaine signs all over. Pretty popular:

Table encouraging volunteerism & voting:

Equality NC:

Greyhounds - lots of animal adoptions & animal welfare tents set up at the grounds:


Lots of pro-equality churches there as always:


White Rabbit - Gay & Lesbian bookstore/accessories in Raleigh:

9th Street:

More pro-equality churches:

I believe he helped pass Durham's city council resolution in support of marriage equality - following in the foot steps of Carrboro & Chapel Hill:


Coalition to unchain dogs. Great group!

Mayor Kleinschmidt, & Mayoral Aide McCurry:

More pro-equality churches. Couldn't upload them all b/c I took nearly 200 photos. But glad to see them there.

Senator Kinnaird. A champion of equality.

Equality NC:

More Equality NC:

Key noter:

Lots of colleges were represented - Duke:





NC State:

Looks like a great event

I hope others who attended will also post pictures. These are beautiful.

I checked them out

And urge anyone who did not attend to follow the link to Pam's House Blend to see the video and photo bucket. It makes you feel good again about people. We are in sore need of reasons to feel good these days, and images from the Gay Pride parade do not disappoint. What makes it especially powerful is the presence of so many diverse groups.

Funnel cakes

Gosh, if I would have known they were going to have funnel cakes, I would have gone!

Seriously, thanks for the photos Jake. Looks like a nice crowd.