NC Realtors try to evade disclosure

Proving, once again, that their only concern for clients is how much they can be milked:

The presidents of the state's three largest metro Realtor associations are protesting part of a 2008 rule that requires buyer's agents to provide a written disclosure of compensation they might receive from sellers when a home is sold.

Changing such disclosure, said North Carolina Real Estate Commission director of legal services Tom Miller, could once again leave some homebuyers unaware that agents have extra financial motivation - such as a hidden bonus - in showing them a home.


Information, free markets, and bigger companies

This is a lovely story that gets to the truth of all three.

If we ever had a true "free market" situation, then all information would be available to buyers and sellers. I greatly look forward to the Locke Foundation and Civitasers position on this.

It's also a classic case of big companies vs. smaller companies.

Large real estate companies are the ones that are more likely to have both the buyer's and seller's agent and therefore be able to hide the incentives they get for steering traffic due to undisclosed incentives.

This isn't a broadside against individual realtors, but it should be a broadside against large real estate companies hiding incentives.

And further evidence of who truly advocates for "free markets" by making more information available to customers.


NC Realtors try to evade disclosure

This informational post by Steve is the least read post on the front page right now ... which simply shows that most people expects nothing more than sleaze and deception from the North Carolina Association of Realtors. News of evasion by this Realtors association is hardly worthy of note.