NC Rep Deborah Ross supposedly interested in NCDP Chair and ED position

Have heard from several credible sources (SEC members) that Deborah Ross from Wake County is interested in running for NCDP Chair position and will resign her House seat and quit her day job if the Party also names her ED and pays her a salary.

I hear there is something in the POO that allows the chair to hire the ED, so it's not like the SEC or the Executive Council or even the Board would have to vote on it.

Well that certainly does raise the level of interest in the NCDP Chair job.


From the POO



A full-time executive director shall be selected by the state chair with the approval of the state executive council to serve at the pleasure of the state chair. The performance of the executive director shall be subject to annual review by the state chair and the state executive council. The other staff of the state party shall be employed by and under the supervision of the executive director.

What is her day job?


Ross day job found-

Deborah Ross lives in Raleigh, NC, where she practices law with Blanchard, Miller, Lewis & Styers. She also teaches as a Senior Lecturing Fellow at Duke Law School and consults with the Kenan Ethics Institute.

Do you think she will give this job up for Chair or ED?


That sounds right

The rumor mill, such that it is, seemed badly off base regarding Deborah's likely interest in this thankless roll. That said, she'd make an awesome party leader.

Did she say "I will not run for election and if elected I will not serve" ...


Had already verified it before posting this

Had heard reports from three SEC members (including one from Winston-Salem) who were called on phone about this - perhaps to see how people felt about this possibility. Also talked to one NCDP board member who heard the same rumors.

Take that how you will....

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

Maybe your sources ...

When it comes to politics some people like to stir the pot.


No offense

jdcasey but

According to Rep. Ross
It is completely untrue she is considering such a role. Got word from her this morning.

if Deborah Ross is now saying it is untrue she is considering such a role is not the same as what quite a few SEC members are saying which is they were asked by her what they thought about her running.

Not really sure why some folks just assume it cannot possibly be true that this happened.

The word is certainly out there so some SEC members must all be on the same hallucenegenic or there is a conspiracy to convince her to do it.

Perhaps jdcasey could suggest to Deborah Ross that she come here and provide the definitive word on this "issue" so we know the facts.

I think she would be good and it would certainly make the debate on this important position interesting.

Durham Dem

Also got word from a lobbyist in DC...

...formerly on a congressperson's staff - they heard the same thing I heard. It could have been a trial balloon, or it could have been someone asking a question to see if there was any interest or disinterest.

But when 3 SEC members claim to have gotten phone calls, and one NCDP Board member knows about it, and word gets up to DC - one must wonder who was making the calls asking questions if anyone would support Rep. Ross in this move.

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

I don't think I disparaged her name

since I said "I think she would be good and it would certainly make the debate on this important position interesting."

And no offense again, but how does anyone on here know that you speak for her?

But frankly, it does not matter. People were calling around and saying it so, for whatever reason, I am sure it will come out somewhere else and she can clear her name. When I hear something adament from several different people around the state, I tend to believe it but I guess there is a conspiracy, as you say to Wag the Dog.

Durham Dem

Two Second Summary

Before this turns into something that it is not, I will summarize and intervene:

  1. The original poster said that he heard from several credible sources on the SEC that Representative Ross was interested in running for NCDP Chair.
  2. Those credible sources are SEC members who have "gotten phone calls" and one NCDP board member who has "heard the same rumors."
  3. Representative Ross denies that she is interested in running for NCDP Chair. When this topic was brought to her attention, she stated "it is complete untrue" and that "[O]thers have asked me to do it, but I have said no."

Because this is following a familiar pattern (both with respect to the rumor mill and with respect to personalities), I am closing this discussion (subject, of course, to James, et al, opening back up for further discussion). Enjoy your holidays.