NC Republican budget on the spin cycle

After using NC's teachers as pawns in the budget debate, the NC Republicans are now using them as a PR tool to hide facts about their budget. This is one of three posts on their Facebook page, all with the same talking point - the only talking point they have about the budget.

They've been spamming teachers and faculty in the UNC system, asking them to "Like" this photo and thank them for the raise. From what I've seen around my feed, the teachers aren't too happy being used as a Republican PR tool.


Spin indeed

We saw this one coming a mile away.

Pushing back

More on teacher pay

From Daily Dose:

NC teachers say new pay raises don't add up (WNCN-TV) -- Some North Carolina teachers are accusing state lawmakers of spreading misinformation about the pay raises included in this year's amended state budget. The North Carolina Association of Educators said lawmakers, specifically Republican Senate leader Phil Berger, have artificially inflated the size of the pay raise given to teachers. In unveiling the compromised budget last month, Berger called it "the largest pay raise in state history." The plan, which is expected to be signed into law by Gov. Pat McCrory, gives public school teachers a 7-percent raise on average, Berger said. But NCAE Vice President Mark Jewell said Monday that the 7-percent claim is false.

Legislators tout budget as success for education, teachers disagree (Greensboro News & Record) -- Last week, state lawmakers finalized plans to boost teacher pay by about 7 percent. Gov. Pat McCrory also plans to sign the budget into law. That programs comes after months of wrangling over the amount of the teachers' raises and how to fund it. State leaders tout the final budget as a success, especially for education. Teachers? Not so much.

New pay plan for NC teachers sows confusion (Raleigh News & Observer) -- The salary schedule for teachers has several new parts and raises range from 18.5 percent to .29 percent.

Schools lose $4M for teacher assistant due to legislative cuts (Winston-Salem Journal) -- Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools will start the year with unfilled positions as officials work to understand the impact of amendments to the state budget passed last week by the General Assembly. The local Board of Education held a special meeting Monday to talk about the budget, which Gov. Pat McCrory said he would sign into law. Kerry Crutchfield, the district’s budget director, said the district is sorting through the 260-page budget to understand just what changes have been made and how those will affect local schools. What is clear, he said, is that money for teacher assistants has been cut. More than $100 million was cut from teacher assistant funding, which will equate to just under $4 million locally. That’s about 125 teacher assistants, Crutchfield said. The General Assembly will allow districts to transfer some of the money appropriated for extra classroom teachers to reduce class size to teacher assistants, but it’s not enough to cover the full amount cut.

It's all about the spin. Who

It's all about the spin. Who looks good and who looks bad. "See what we did for you," said the repubs. "Now don't bite the hand that's feeds you." "The dems never gave you that kind of a raise." The fact is the dems didn't have stings attached. It was a raise, nothing more nothing less. Good job GOP way to mess with ones future for your own gain.