NC Republicans continue to fight disclosure

Trying to change "stand by your ad" to "stand behind the curtain":

At the time, Democrats asked the courts to find that Hise and the senate caucus has violated state disclosure laws that require those who buy political advertising to disclose to television stations and the public who paid for the ads. While paperwork filed with television stations and the commercials themselves said that Hise's campaign paid for the ad, the money trail showed that some payments went straight from the party to media buyers.

This may seem like a mere "technicality" to some, but there are two important points: 1) Due to the volume of purchases by the main party, Hise's ads cost considerably less than if he'd bought them himself, and 2) The ads themselves constitute false advertising, in direct violation of both the intent and wording of the law. Unfair and illegal, but it appears the NC GOP doesn't care about either of those issues.