NC Republicans lied in court to delay fixing their Gerrymandered maps


Their skeletons are busting out of the closet:

The Republicans told the federal court hearing the map case that they would not be able to draw new legislative districts and hold public hearings on them in time for a proposed special election in late 2017 or early 2018. In fact, Common Cause said, Mr. Hofeller’s files show that almost all the work was already done: proposed new boundaries had been drawn for more than 97 percent of the state’s proposed Senate districts and 90 percent of House districts.

A senior Republican legislator who was involved in the redistricting, Representative David R. Lewis, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Yeah, I bet he didn't. This also partly explains why the NC GOP has been pushing so hard to get those hard drives out of circulation:

The court filing by Common Cause on Thursday included a letter sent by lawyers for Republican legislative leaders, demanding that lawyers for Common Cause return Mr. Hofeller’s hard drives to his estate and destroy any information that had been copied from them. The demand was issued one day after documents from the Hofeller files surfaced in the litigation over the census citizenship question.

Stephanie Hofeller, the strategist’s daughter, said in a telephone interview that since then, she had come under pressure from allies of her father to keep the remaining content of the hard drives private. She declined to elaborate, beyond saying that the disclosure of the census-related documents had upset them.

She said the pressure had only stiffened her resolve. “They’ve underestimated me,” she said.

Just saying "thank you" seems woefully inadequate...