NC-Sen: Bob Etheridge Reconsiders 2010 Senate Bid

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Congressman Bob Etheridge is reconsidering running for Senate in 2010 against vulnerable freshman Republican backbencher Richard "Bank Run" Burr. This could be a good omen as then-State Senator Kay Hagan first decided against a 2008 Senate bid before reconsidering and going on to defeat Republican incumbent Elizabeth Dole.

Congressman Etheridge ended June with almost $900,000 in his campaign account, not a bad start against Burr's $2.5 million. Congressman Etheridge recently met with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to discuss a bid, and says that he hopes to make a final decision by September.


If Etheridge runs:

Democrats lose his House seat and fail to pick up Burr's Senate seat. Now there's some smart thinking by the national power brokers.

Yeah, the DCCC must be thrilled by the prospect

of defending NC-02-- which becomes a swing district in an open race-- during a midterm election.

So the low-ball price tag for this move by the Congressman would be about $15 million for the Senate race and an additional $3 million for the Congressional race.

AND on top of that: in the best case scenario (He manages to beat Burr), we lose a powerful Congressman and gain a junior Senator who will be Seventy-Five years old at the end of his first term, further marginalizing the NC Congressional delegation in the long term.

Our strategic plan needs to look beyond this next election.

Bob regularly gets 60 or more

Bob regularly gets 60 or more percent of the vote in the 2nd but the district is swinging steadily to the Republicans every year. You can probably figure on losing 10 to 15 percent of that vote when it is someone other than Bob running. Johnston has become a stronghold of the Republican Party and it seems only the ineptitude and in fighting in Harnett and some of the other counties in in the district keeps them from completely taking over there. More ground is lost every election.

I'm a moderate Democrat.

Is Etheridge a "Blue Dog" too?

I'm sorry, I don't have internet access. Can some of the top strategists here help me out?

Bob is not a blue dog. He is

Bob is not a blue dog. He is a good moderate Democrat. Even more significant he is a man of great integrity. He is indeed more valuable as a member of the ways and means committee than as a junior senator. He also has some age on him as does Elaine Marshall. If either of them decides to get into the race I will work hard for them. The problem with Lewis and Cunningham is the polar opposite. They each have thin resumes and are very young in political years. I also suspect that they will come across as too far to the left for a majority of NC voters. They could be a very hard sell. I guess we are lacking in tweeners for this race. Where is the 45-55 year old candidate with legislative experience and name recognition that is not to far to the left for the average voter and not too far to the right for the progressives? Where is the Bob or Elaine minus 20 years out there?

I'm a moderate Democrat.

Well, at least we know he wouldn't support death panels

Why in the hell does NC need a 70 year old freshman Senator?

Seriously, someone honestly answer me this...

-- A liberal originally from Yadkin County. Did I just blow your mind?

Sorry, that was harsh

But I think my point is made.

I like Etheridge and think he is a swell Congressman (Blue Dog or not). But, when we have young, vibrant candidates like Cal Cunningham who could be garnering DC support and really turning out the votes in our metropolitan cities, why make this mistake.

-- A liberal originally from Yadkin County. Did I just blow your mind?

Yes !! Enough of the old school politicians

I am not saying here that someone in their 70's wouldn't be a great politician or wouldn't represent his/her district/state/country in a very positive way. I AM saying here that we have a lot of younger, more adept democratic politicians that deserve the right to represent our needs and so forth. Let's let them serve. Let's not just give those that have had their 15-minutes of fame just more of the same thus keeping our more adept younger leaders the chance to lead our state and nation forward.

It's just my take on this.

I know!

And why do we drive on a parkway and park in a driveway?

It's just crazy!!!

Now that's funny.

Every time I hear it I laugh. Words on plays are my favorite. Have you read my novel?

I'm not a reader...

I'm a writer.

Hah! I thought that

Play on Words were your fav....guess I'm wrong again.

A thin resume...

...isn't much of a disadvantage. What you say and how you say it matters more. If his resume is thin, then there's less fodder for them to claim he's too liberal.

Ken Lewis is the same age as Barack Obama. Give the man some exposure and let him run.

On the other hand there is an

On the other hand there is an advantage to experience. I like to know a lot about the candidate based on their track record. John Edwards certainly shows the danger of the propelling the unknown to such a high position so quickly. But we will have to see. I'll support our nominee whomever he or she turns out to be.

I'm a moderate Democrat.

I've told you this before

I love your signature line. Not that I'm one, too. Just that I love how it works on the page. Nice.

huh is one of us

There are many democrats that call themselves moderate yet lean liberal at times. I think huh is one of those and I include myself in this. To me, he is one of us. I think he has a lot of nads putting that as his signature line given that Blue NC is predominantly liberal in nature.

I don't trust you

Something's off. I'm the occasionally reasonable jerk around here. Just ask my wife.


"Where is the 45-55 year old candidate with legislative experience and name recognition that is not to far to the left for the average voter and not too far to the right for the progressives?"

Dennis Wicker. 57 years old. 12 years in the legislature. The first person to serve as Majority Leader in the House (his last two terms). Ran twice successfully statewide for Lt. Governor.