NC-Sen: Eva Clayton Endorses Elaine Marshall

Big time endorsement in the North Carolina Senate race for Elaine Marshall as Eva Clayton is both one of the most respected Democrats in the state and the first major backer of Ken Lewis to pick a side. In a statement released today, former Congresswoman Eva Clayton called Elaine a "fighter" saying...

"Elaine Marshall has built a career standing up for people," said Clayton. "Over and over, she's taken on powerful interests against long odds and won. That's the type of fighter North Carolina needs to represent us in Washington today."

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Love that article from last June

That was great, when Burr attacked PPP. Granted it was all the way back in June of 09, and his numbers have not gotten any better since then, but it still amuses me.

"Keep the Faith"

My mistake

I was misinformed that the Politico article was new, but I didn't check the date. No harm no foul, but I have removed it from the post out of fairness to Burr.