NC Senate Finance Committee debating ban on Wind Energy TODAY

I've confirmed a small Raleigh N&O note on this link's lower left side

that the NC Senate finance Committee will be debating a ban on mountain located wind energy today at 1pm.

SENATE BILL 1068 which enacts a preemptive BAN on wind energy in the mountains would effectivley shut out all discussion on the subject and 180 our the wrong way to go w/the aggressive programs and federal monies Obama (in addition to 4 related federal agencies-I looked it up) are aiming at states like Ohio (on board to receive $448 MILLION).

Locate your senator here and call them!!

Also listen in LIVE today at:


They can ban wind energy, but not not ban solar


“I also think we ought to let cities and counties to elect local ordinances that govern these types of things, I don’t think the state should have an umbrella ordinance for clotheslines…we just can’t legislate everything,” said Sen. Malcolm Graham.

But you really knew the bill was going down when Senators started openly mocking it.

“Is there any kind of a dress code required when you’re hanging out your clothes,” asked Sen. Tony Rand. The question was a sideswipe at what was being whispered around the committee table: who wants to see their neighbors’ unmentionables? (Or, not to put too fine a point on it, who wants to see a senator's unmentionables?)

As other members asked questions of staff, a few Senators had a separate dialogue going.

“So what they’re saying is if it’s your own property we can string our panties up,” Sen. Debbie Clary said to Graham, prompting Graham to reply, “String it up baby!”