NC Supreme Court steps in on ASU voting site

Making a bad joke out of the whole "non-partisan judiciary" designation:

The North Carolina Supreme Court said Wednesday afternoon the courts should take up the issue of early voting on the campus of Appalachian State, literally moments after the State Board of Elections had voted to restore the on-campus early voting site.

However, the early voting site will remain open as the state elections board voted, unless the board meets again to cancel the site.

The Supreme Court order came down just before 5 p.m., less than an hour after the state board voted unanimously to OK the site in a hastily called emergency meeting.

What does this mean? That's a good question. But considering how adamant and steadfast the state BoE has been about helping the Eggers stifle student voting in Watauga County, they're probably hastily calling another emergency meeting this very minute.



Note to readers:

If you're following this story on social media (especially Twitter), pay attention to the time of the original Tweet. People often re-Tweet earlier stuff that has been subsequently updated in later Tweets with more accurate information. In this case, the early postings said the Supreme Court had blocked the ASU voting site, but that's really not the case. They opened the door for that to happen, but so far (knock on wood) the Board of Elections hasn't taken any action to reverse their earlier decision to open the campus site.

That...was supposed to be informative, but methinks it could have confused you more. Sorry. :)

News on this was very

News on this was very confusing for a while this evening, but I hear that the SBOE will NOT meet again, and their vote this afternoon will stand.

Thanks, Vicki

It does appear so, and I hope the (state) BoE comes away from this with the knowledge they can't (and shouldn't) support blatant voter suppression tactics, regardless of whether or not some local board member presents some modest-sounding reasons for such.

Good morning, Democracy:

For you readers who don't know him, I believe that tall guy with the hat is Watauga Watch's very own Jerry Williamson. He's what we call in fishing circles (I don't fish much anymore because they're smarter than I am) a "keeper." And so is Josh Brannon, who is making a valiant effort to root the Foxx out of the US House.

It would be nice if the SBOE

It would be nice if the SBOE 'learned' from this experience, but I don't expect that to happen. I look for more shenanigans as long as McC is in office and the GOP dominates the local Boards of Elections. Keep your eyes open.