NC voters more tolerant of gays

QNotes reports on a new poll released by Public Policy Polling of North Carolinians. While a (smaller) majority of state residents are still against gay marriage (53% versus 40%), a majority, even among Republicans, supports some kind of legal recognition of gay partnerships.

There is increasingly little division among voters in the state about whether gay couples should at least have some sort of legal rights in the form of civil unions. Sixty-two percent support either marriage or civil unions for same sex couples to only 34 percent who think they should have no legal recognition at all. Sixty-eight percent of both Democrats and independents support at least civil unions, and even Republicans narrowly do by a 50/48 spread.”

Young voters in the state support gay marriage by a 62-34 percent margin.

This says something about how "culture war" candidates like Mark Harris aren't getting traction in state-wide races and their influence will decrease over time.

Did you notice the topic of LGBTs and Amendment One didn't come up during the recent Republican Senate candidate debate? Are we coming to a point where it's okay with conservative candidates to be a misogynist, racist prick that restricts voting rights, hates on teachers, and is ignorant about science and climate change, but still be ok with gay marriage or civil unions?

What a strange state we find ourselves in.