NCCN voter's alert: Today's the day

Via e-mail from the North Carolina Conservation Network:

There’ll be direct votes on environmental issues on the ballot in these elections. For instance, on Oct. 11th Raleigh residents will vote on a transportation bond (i.e greenway and bus stop improvements). Durham County will vote on an important public transit referendum on Nov. 8, which will be the cornerstone to an upgraded public transit system for the entire Triangle. Go vote and support these important issues!

In case you don't already know, this link will help you find your polling place, and this link will help you understand what's on your ballot.


Thanks for the reminder, Steve!

In the course of researching the position of Tea Party leaders on public education, I have come to be horrified that Tea Party candidates are running for local school boards across North Carolina. Why? Because the Tea Party stance on public education can be summed up very simply: they believe in closing the public schools, replacing them with private schools, and eliminating all government funding of schools. In other words, they want to destroy the public school system. Why would we elect people to run school boards who believe that?

Until now, the Tea party has been this loose coalition of angry people with a lot of different agendas, but is time to start holding them accountable for what their leaders advocate and the terrible quality of their candidates. No more free ride!

Katy Munger,
Progress North Carolina Action

Lead, follow or get out of the way....

Tea Party Destruction

The Tea Party is destroying Rutherford County, NC. The newly elected county commissioners who hold a 4 to 1 Tea Party majority have fired our county manager, driven out our financial officer,our Director of Medical Services,our Tax officials and forced out the best Economic Development recruiters in the state. All these positions are now being held by interims. All total there was probably over a hundred years of experience belonging to these very non-partisan employees that had done a very good job and had worked with Republican and Democrat majority commissions for years.

This Tea party group is also very, very pro Charter School and are siding with them on most issues.

As I stated in another thread Rutherford County's NC State Representative (Mike Hager (R)dist. 112) is a very arrogant Tea party type. He has just been appointed as co-chair to the new Energy Committee. He is ready to start fracking ASAP in NC. Please monitor this guy carefully and often. He is dangerous to our state.

You're more than welcome

There's nothing of note going on in my precinct, but a lot of the readers here do have important things on their ballot. If they show up, that is...

Almost forgot this one:

Via e-mail from Clean Water For North Carolina:

Tonight in Sanford - DENR public meeting on shale gas study

Remember, tonight starting at 6:30 at 2420 Tramway Rd. in Sanford, YOU have the opportunity to give your feedback to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources on the study they'll conduct on fracking in NC. Please come if you are nearby and have concerns or ideas on the draft study plan, or if you have personal experiences, expertise or resources for the DENR study team. CWFNC has prepared a list of some of our general concerns you can check out as you prepare comments. If you can't come tonight, consider submitting written comments (deadline: Oct. 18) to: ; or through the mail to NCDENR, attn: Trina Ozer, 1601 MSC, Raleigh, NC 27699.

A great day for progress!

Here's a sampling of some of the Tweets I've been reading:

KimGNBC17 8:13pm via Twitter for BlackBerry® 16 of 20 precincts: Evans still leads Margiotta- 52 to 47.5 percent. #ncpol,#nbc17

NCCapitol 8:18pm via TweetDeck Also, both Raleigh bonds trending 2-1 yes: Transportation at 68%, Housing at 63% with 77% reporting #ralpol

NCCapitol 8:16pm via TweetDeck Keith Sutton declared winner in Wake School Board 4. #ralpol

And then there's the sore losers:

ByJohnFrank 8:14pm via TweetDeck As Dems surge in Wake County local races, except lots of blabber about 2012 implications in N.C. #overstated #ralpol #ncga

I think you meant "expect" lots of blabber. Let me start it off by saying:

"The implications for another Democratic surge in the 2012 Elections are infinitely blabber-worthy!"


This is great news but...

there is still a lot of work to be done. Losurdo is going to request a runoff and if you add the votes for the other two candidates, which I believe were like minded, she would be in the lead. Kevin Hill can't let up his guard now. He has to make sure he gets out the vote. If this race goes the wrong way, all of tonight's success will be for nothing. But all in all a good night in Wake County.

I just know the current board will reverse course before their terms end. After all the people have spoken and they have a mandate to give up their rejected agenda. Sarcasm intended.

If you live in District 3 be sure to get out and vote for Kevin Hill on November 8.