NCDP 2nd Vice Chair Questionnaire: Veleria Levy

Thank you to Veleria Levy for completing the questionnaire created with the help of BlueNC readers. Her answers have been published without editing. All questions are included regardless of whether they were answered.

As 2nd Vice Chair, how will you help the next chair of the party raise the money it will take to right the party financially and to start winning elections?

Just as the candidate is the most successful in raising campaign dollars, so the party chair will be most effective in making the direct ask for party dollars. But the rest of us have a key role to play. We can identify potential donors, set up meetings with prospective donors and aggressively promote grassroots giving to the party.

If asked to help, how many hours of call time - dialing for dollars - are you willing to commit to per week.

I am willing to put in the time! Our party needs all hands on deck right now to raise the money we need to be successful.

What is your pitch to potential donors?

North Carolina was once the beacon of the New South. Now we are a laughingstock. A Republican-controlled Raleigh is out of touch with North Carolinians. Our citizenry just wants to see their lives improve. We must deliver a common-sense approach to governance, as well as candidates who can connect with the electorate. You can help us fix North Carolina.

Considering the track record of the NC Democratic Party in the past few years, why should average voters donate money to the party rather than giving it to organizations like the NAACP, the NC ACLU, and other organizations that are actively and visibly challenging Republican policies? What will give them any confidence that their dollars will make any difference?

Challenging Republican policies is important, but being in a position to implement positive change is more important. And to do that we have to win elections. That means fixing whatever may be broken with the Democratic Party, educating voters on the differences between the two parties and turning out the vote. We have had a radical right-wing takeover our state, and your contribution will help us take back North Carolina.

What steps would you be willing to take to bring the Party back together?

Party unity is critical to our future success. The Republicans want us fighting each other. But fellow Democrats are not the enemy. The radical Republican agenda is the enemy of all North Carolinians. We need to identify the areas of divisiveness and develop effective strategies to move beyond those differences. Divided, we are weak and ineffective and we will continue to lose elections. United, we are unstoppable.

What is your vision for the party and what will you do as 1st Vice Chair to make that vision a reality?

"I am running for 2nd Vice Chair & I come from a RED county and as past county chair I can tell you it is important to focus on ALL 100 counties in our state; Each is important. The votes in the suburban & rural counties are essential to our long term growth.

The Tea party didn't rise in a few years, they had a well thought out plan starting in the rural areas. We must have a Red county strategy!!

We must train & identify candidates; we need a pipeline in ALL our counties & the county parties need help with that. We need a 10 year strategy not just a 2 year or until the next election one. County offices, county commitment to the state party etc....ALL these things come with TRUST in the state party. I do hope to help bring that trust & commitment to ALL the counties, not just the blue ones.

We need training manuals for county chairs that give month my month plans for the state. If we are planning events together, trainings together, etc., we can cause a Boom."

Have you ever served as a precinct chair or vice chair in the North Carolina Democratic Party?


What county level offices have you held in the Democratic Party in North Carolina?

County chair

Is there any information you would like to share about your work on the county party level?

As chair of the Rowan county Democratic party, we reach out to many different organizations & auxiliaries in the county to work together of different types of programs such as voter registration & education, education of the types of elected offices are available, educational programs on how the different types of legislation effect the people, etc. You must reach out to other organizations to help move your message forward!

Which district level offices have you held?

1st vice chair

Is there any information you would like to share about your work on the district party level?

I was just elected in January as the 1st Vice-Chair of District 8. We are currently meeting about our focus and direction of the 8th district.

Which state level offices have you held?

Have you been a member of or held any leadership positions in any of the auxiliary groups of the NCDP? Tell us a little about your involvement.

I organized the African-American caucus of Rowan County.

Have you served as a delegate to a party convention?

Yes, District

Have you run for public office? If so, tell us about your experience.

No I have never run for office

Have you volunteered for or worked as paid staff for any political campaigns in North Carolina? If so, tell us about your experience.