The NCDP's persistent DINO problem

Siding with Republicans to punish the jobless:

The bill, which is up for its final vote in the Senate today, passed 36-13 on Tuesday. Joining the Republicans were Democrats: Ben Clark of Cumberland County, Clark Jenkins of Bertie County, Gene McLaurin of Anson County and Michael Walters of Columbus County.

When the bill passed the House last week, it also received support from Democrats — three to be exact: William Brisson of Bladen County, Ken Goodman of Hoke County and Paul Tine of Beaufort County.

And they should have received an immediate phone call (or face-to-face) with our new Chairman, and be forced to explain why they would take part in such a horrible action. As far as I'm concerned, they should be forced out of the Party. Somebody needs to stand up for not only those families but the integrity of the Party itself.


They need Dem primary challengers

As gerrymandered as the districts are now, there's little excuse for having DINOs representing us in Raleigh.