NCGA to reconsider Voter Suppression Act on Sunday Nov 27

NC Lawmakers will reconsider PHOTO ID law on SUNDAY Nov 27.(that's HB 351) And other bills. There also have been rumors that fracking would be heard, but there's nothing on the calender for that on Sunday.

101st Legislative Day
Sunday, November 27, 2011
House Convenes at 8:00 pm

Thom Tillis, Speaker

HB 7 Ingle, Cleveland and McCormick (Primary Sponsors) - COMMUNITY COLLEGES/OPT OUT OF FEDERAL LOAN PROGRAM.
(Vetoed by Governor - 4/13/11) (Ratified Edition)

HB 351 Lewis, T. Moore and Killian (Primary Sponsors) - RESTORE CONFIDENCE IN GOVERNMENT. (Vetoed by Governor - 6/23/11)
(Veto Override Vote Reconsidered - 7/26/11) (Ratified Edition)

(Vetoed by Governor - 6/27/11) (Ratified Edition)

SB 709 Rucho, Brown and Tucker (Primary Sponsors) - ENERGY JOBS ACT.
(Vetoed by Governor - 6/30/11) (Ratified Edition)

(Vetoed by Governor - 6/18/11) (Ratified Edition)

Calender for Sunday PDF

For some background on photo ID here's some additional reading material:

Photo requirement in voter ID bill could affect hundreds of thousands of N.C. voters
A State Board of Elections comparison of voter rolls and DMV lists indicates that many voters lack a state-issued ID
Ned Barnett American Independent February 08, 2011

Is that ID on the up and up?
Doug Clark Greensboro News & Record April 19, 2011

Opponents speak out about voter ID legislation
Loretta Boniti News 14 2/16/2011

Photo ID's downsides for voting
JOYCE MCCLOY 3/12/2011 Raleigh News & Observer Other Views


Thanks Joyce

Thanks for the alert. Dont know how many Dem legislators are off base, perhaps out of state, for Thanksgiving, but perhaps enough for these clowns to pull off this stunt.



Fracking is there too

SB 709 Rucho, Brown and Tucker (Primary Sponsors) - ENERGY JOBS ACT.
(Vetoed by Governor - 6/30/11) (Ratified Edition)

I think the name is just prettied up to look like they care if we have jobs or not.

update - more info r/e HB351 Photo ID and SB 709 FRACKING

Mark Binker, Reporter with the News and Record says he will be at the NCGA tonight to report on everything.

He also advises that "The stated reason for Sunday night's session is to allow for bills to be filed so they can be 'read in' and be eligible for work on Monday.

So this sounds like prep work so that Monday or some time this week they hit the floor running.

Beware the fake jobs bill, it is for FRACKING

Tha Capitol Press Corps

is saying they have (repeated) statements from NCGA leadership that no votes will be taken on Sunday night, and promise dire consequences if those statements turn out to be false.

Rep. Nelson Dollar says likewise

I spoke with Wake GOP Rep. Dollar on Tuesday, and he said that no DHHS bils, including Mental Health, will be taken up that are anything more than technical changes.

Martha Brock

Stay in Town, Stay Strong
(that link is an easy click through for phone numbers and e-mail addresses)

Need to be leaving e-mails, voicemails, facebook wall posts, tweets, and whatever else we can to encourage legislators to get back to Raleigh, to stay in town, and stay strong on preventing the override.

I mean, basically this is going to be on the schedule constantly, so we have to stay strong each time, knowing that it wont happen most times, but when it does, it will be good to be ready.

House adjourned less than twenty minutes

after convening, no overrides were attempted.

Note to reporters: I know you have to work in the General Assembly, and maintaining a good relationship with elected officials is important. But Republican leaders have lied repeatedly this year, about both policy and procedure, and placing any sort of faith in their integrity (or their respect for the media) would be a mistake.

Binker and Leslie were a little too defensive on this one

After the press corps railed against the lack of notice in these mini-sessions (esp the Sept amendment session), I don't see why any reporter -- or citizen -- would take the NC GOP legislative leadership at its word.


Apparently they were bombarded

with e-mails & Tweets about this, so I guess I can understand their frustration.

It may be the "conspiracy theorist" in me, but I'm not so sure the veto overrides didn't happen because they promised it wouldn't happen. I'm curious to know what the headcount was last night. If they had the numbers to override but chose not to, I would be more inclined to believe the "we gave our word" thing.

But, if they didn't have the numbers they needed, that might shed a little light on the quick adjournment.