NCLCV rescinds turncoat Rep. Suzie Hamilton's "rising star" award

The North Carolina League of Conservation Voters has announced that they are taking back the "Rising Star" award they gave Rep. Suzie Hamilton just a couple of weeks ago. Last night she cast the deciding vote that overrode the Governor's veto of the awful fracking bill. She apparently thought tax credits for the film industry is more important than the future of the environment in North Carolina.

As Dan Crawford, director of governmental relations for NCLCV, put it:

"Last night Captain America prevailed over clean drinking water and the property rights of North Carolinians. We found out that even this Green Tie Award winner has her price."


Falling stars

Total bummer when your rising stars turn into falling stars that turn against you.

Divide and conquer

This isn't (in any way) an apology for what Rep. Hamilton did. To make such a monumental change in your character says very little about your character.

But this isn't the first case of Tillis & Co buying votes from Dem legislators. When you cut programs that help people across the board, you can use things (that should be done anyway) as a bribe to get what you want. And when you succeed in that, it's a win-win. The bribed Dems lose a lot of their previous support, putting them even deeper in your pocket.

And the only way to make sure it doesn't happen anymore is to vote those bastards out in November.


We need to vote the Rs out but it is imperative to have solid, trustworthy Dems to vote in. Susi Hamilton did damage in more ways than one with her crass horsetrading that sold the whole state into fracking in exchange for her pet project.

The photo in the N&O of her high five...

just blew my mind. What the hell was she thinking?

Martha Brock

not just Susi

We got some legislators here in Mecklenburg who better start saving their money for 2014.