NC's 18th Annual Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

The 18th annual North Carolina Gay & Lesbian Film Festival will run from August 9th to 18th. I've been going to this annual event off and on for several years now. It's a little hit or miss, but there are always some gems in the selections. I'm excited to see that North Carolina will be featured, at least briefly, on the big screen given that it's the North Carolina Gay & Lesbian Film festival.


The Campaign tells the inside story of the fight to stop California's wildly controversial Proposition 8, which banned gay marriage and ignited a movement. With exclusive access to the state Headquarters of the "No on 8" campaign in San Francisco, filmmaker Christie Herring captures the essence of the emotional journey. In-depth observational footage and interviews follow stakeholders, from Executive Committee Members to first-time volunteers. The Campaign explores fault lines of religion, race and identity at the critical turning point in the push for LGBT rights, offering an intimate portrait of committed individuals inside a pressure cooker, compelled by both circumstance and their passionate beliefs to go far beyond their everyday selves.

Precedced by: Win or Lose. In this inspiring story from the struggle for marriage equality, a photographer takes up his camera to fight a proposed amendment to the North Carolina Constitution.

You can view the complete schedule of film selections here:


The Film Festival has started!

At the 18th annual NC Gay & Lesbian Film Festival in Durham to see the Campaign (about Prop 8 and a short about NC's amendment 1.

The NC filmmakers speaking after the film.