NC's racist family cap law

In all the rush of the current NC legislature's shenanigans, one blatently racist bit of NC law has been forgotten about - family caps.

Slate has a piece about state "family cap" laws, which limit welfare benefits for recipients that have more children. They cropped up under the Gingrich "Contract with America" days, based on stereotypes of "welfare queens" "gaming" the system to get more cash. Family cap laws are under discussion in California.

Many studies have shown the laws do not work. Instead, they drive families into "deep poverty", making them a bigger burden on charities and other parts of the public system. More importantly, the author points out that these laws are a "compassionate conservative" form of eugenics, inserting the state in family planning issues.

The ACLU, the Catholic Conference, and Planned Parenthood are among the wide range of groups that are calling an end to these racist laws.

Funny, I don't see North Carolina's Christian evangelicals, obsessed with abortion, limiting contraception and bashing gays, saying anything at all about family caps.