NC's sea turtles get no help

Once again, our state's officials stand on the wrong side of an important issue, with personal financial considerations driving their decisions:

Politics rather than science drove the commission’s decision, the CCA alleges, noting that several commission members who are seafood dealers and who would potentially suffer if the gill nets were banned voted in favor of their continued use.

That’s prompted the CCA to wonder if those members are in violation of Gov. Beverly Perdue’s Executive Order No. 34, which requires that appointees to boards and commissions must abstain from any vote on a matter in which they have a financial stake.


Can this sea turtle problem be worked out?

The CCA is an excellent organization so I do not want to come across being negative with regard to them here.

Can this problem between netting flounder and accidentally capturing sea turtles somehow be worked out? I mean, sea turtles are air breathers so if they get caught up in the nets and are brought aboard when bringing in the flounder, can they not just be let go back into the ocean?

Seems there could be a way to preserve the fishermen's right to fish and make a living and protect the sea turtles at the same time.

Maybe I do not see the big picture.

Part of the problem

is caused by the fishermen leaving the gill nets spread out overnight, and the sea turtles drown long before anybody knows they're entangled.

But stopping them from doing that won't change the fact that flounder have been overfished for years due to these nets.

It's a mess.

Hmmmm...I see

Makes sense. Thanks.

And to make matters worse,

the top Democrat in the Senate supports this decision:

State Sen. Marc Basnight, the powerful head of the Senate who represents much of northeastern North Carolina, has said he supports the commission on gill nets.


sea turtles

I would think the majority of state residents would side with the plight of the sea turtles. However, it's not up to the citizens, it's up to one senator. It seems to me that there are more regulations on the dad who takes his son for a day of fishing than on the commercial fishermen.

As one who was fortunate enough to be able to live on...

my boat, and cruise north to south along our coast, it was one of my great adventures in life. However, I thought it strange how many commercial people involved in fishing and related activities would be so careless about abusing those waters that provided a living to them. I saw many events where oil or trash was dumped from those boats into the bays, or ocean. And a whole lot of other stories similar to that. It still came down to time is money, so whatever shortcuts were necessary, that's ok. I can remember where the fishing was getting scarce in Florida, they realized many of the nets were being dragged through grass areas where the fish eggs were deposited. Of course the industry denied any effects, but the state finally worked up the courage to outlaw certain types of netting, and within a couple years, the fishing made a comeback. Anytime you let man have a free rein to make money, he's going to protect his bottom line, regardless of consequences to other people. For that reason, regulations and enforcement are always needed.


Anytime you let man have a free rein to make money, he's going to protect his bottom line, regardless of consequences to other people. For that reason, regulations and enforcement are always needed.

Perfectly put.

you just don't get it do you

And I have given up try to explain to people that have never fished a net and have no idea what they are talking about. I have worked in the water my whole adult life.
There have never been as many turtles in my lifetime as there are now. In my lifetime they were taken for food, and it was all nice and legal.
The endangered species here is the commercial fisherman.

As for the CCA,they are a bunch of self serving bastards that are all for doing away with the commercial fisherman so they have all the fish stock for themselves.

If you want to point fingers at who is killing the resource, look at the real culprit, the coastal developers. The runoff and sewage from these developments kill much more marine life than a damn gill net.

But I will quit now because you have no idea what you are talking about, you just repeat what you have been told as fact. My community and it's people are under attack from people that are using emotion and half truths to do away with a way of life that pre dates this nation.

As far as I am concerned you may have all the farm raised shrimp and fish you want to eat. Eat a bunch of talopia, they raise them in the catfish pens after they harvest the catfish. They use them to clean the waste from the ponds.

The fisherman have adapted there gear over the years to protect turtles and lower by-catch but it is never enough.

I have been a member of Blue NC for a few years but I suspect this will be my last post.

Hugh Wilde

I feel your pain

"to do away with a way of life that pre dates this nation."

I'm with you bro. All my family were moonshiners and the Feds killed them off too. And Uncle Perk ran an illegal numbers game until the state lottery ruined his business. Keep on raping the environment for your way of life. The last fish in the ocean belongs to you! As I tell my friends, "If you want some good NC speckled trout.....go buy a can of cat food." That's were most end up. Some day the citizens of North Carolina will wake up and tell the commercial fisherman that the water is owned by the citizens of North Carolina and is not the personal playground of the trawlers ! ! ! ! !

your reply was no less than I would have expected

To compare a commercial fisherman to a moonshiner and a numbers runner show the stupidity in your position.Unlike those folks, commercial fisherman are for the most part law abiding and tax playing members of society. Raping the environment, today's commercial fisherman in the US work under the strictest regulations in the world.
As for speckled trout being used for cat food that in not only a lie but a fucking lie.
I hope you enjoy your Pew Endowment Tofu and the wonderful chemical treated seafood from China.

But it does not good to argue with you as your mind is made up and is full of the Pew Endowment and CCA talking points.

The plain facts of this:

today's commercial fisherman in the US work under the strictest regulations in the world.

Some of North Carolina's commercial fishermen are ignoring those regulations as well as Federal law, and some State government entities are complicit in those violations.

All of the sea turtle species that can be found in our fisheries are listed under the Endangered Species Act, and any incidental take of them violate that law. The National Marine Fisheries Service has been turning a blind eye to these violations for years, thanks to the lobbyists employed by big commercial fishing concerns but, thanks to the actions of dozens of conservation groups (not just CCA), the NMFS has been forced to do its job and crack down on State regulators who are supposed to manage the details of compliance.

But even that Federal intervention hasn't stopped commercial fishermen from breaking the law, which is why I posted this diary in the first place. Get it? You won, again. But if you expect us to keep our mouths shut and let you guys keep killing sea turtles, think again.