NC's voter suppression law likely challenged by US DOJ

And if it works in Texas, there's a good chance it will work here:

A federal lawsuit filed Thursday against a Texas voter identification law seems certain to be followed by a similar suit against one in North Carolina. Other states, too, could face federal legal challenges over their actions in the wake of the high court’s decision. In the Justice Department’s 15-page lawsuit targeting the Texas voter ID law, signed by Houston-based Assistant U.S. Attorney Daniel D. Hu, the department deployed arguments potentially applicable against other states, as well. The Texas law, Hu wrote, would “deny equal opportunities for Hispanic and African-American voters to participate in the political process, resulting in a denial of the right to vote.”

North Carolina's law seems to be very similar to Texas', which might just end up being its downfall. Republicans may be about to learn the hard way that imitating the behavior of other Republicans isn't as safe as they think it is. And once again, DAG McCrory opens his mouth and inserts foot:

Thirty-three states have passed various kinds of voter identification laws, and state legislators keep tinkering. Most recently, on Aug. 12, North Carolina’s governor signed an elections package that includes strict new voter ID requirements, as well as other changes that could make it harder to vote.

“While some will try to make this seem to be controversial, the simple reality is that requiring voters to provide a photo ID when they vote is a commonsense idea,” Republican Gov. Pat McCrory said on signing the North Carolina measure.

Mentioning only the ID part while signing a bill with several other suppressive measures proves he's either an idiot or a liar. Or both.


McCrony's mental capacity

I vote idiot and liar

What about all the other horrors

that got passed at the same time the ID did? There are two typed pages of at DemocracyNC

Print that out to show everyone who says "Big deal, I show my ID all the time at the bank".

NC's bill similar to Texas's bill

Because ALEC!

I vote idiot and liar also.

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014

Do Not Jump off the Bridge, Yet

First, consider that H589/SL 2013-381 was both much more obnoxious than usual, even for the Teabillies but that it is so complex that the BOE is still puzzling through how to write the implementing details. The Teabillies are following a great business/corporate practice. They violate laws, rationality and decency, then wait until someone attempts to legally correct the situation, then adapt to what is possible in the deal--but always stretching the laws and legalities to their direction. For example Pharma violates regulations with impunity, when called on it pays the fines, writes it off a tax deduction and marches on to the next thing. And the Teabillies are doing the same, stretching it far as they think they can, and then waiting for DOJ or someone to spank their hands. And next time, they will write even more virulent shit and repeat the cycle. After all, the taxpayer if going to pay any fines and fees.

Businesses do this-- violate, pay the fine and violate repetitively--cost of doing business(es). They are playing the long game, the long-long game, and do not intend to allow slippage over time, although there will be some. The left, not understanding the long game, dilatory tactics and incorporation of penalties into the business, are stuck trying to cure Point A while the thieves are skipping onto Point G or H, serially offending - until finally they just write off the regulations. Start thinking longer term - the Teabillies sponsors are.