Never Coming Back Again

Katrina has hastened the inevitable - New Orleans will wither on the vine faster than it was doing before due to Katrina.

"The new doubts, surprisingly, are largely not based on the widespread damage caused by the flood. Rather, crippling problems that existed long before Hurricane Katrina are mostly being blamed for the city’s failure to thrive.

In this view, the storm was merely a grim exclamation point to conditions decades in the making. Before the storm, some economists say, New Orleans may have had more people than its economy could support, and the stalled repopulation is merely reflecting that."

The scapegoats will certainly not be NO itself - this will be laid at the feet of the federal government and whites in general. (The chocolateness of the city is believed to be the reason for the governments' terrible response instead of the governmental incompetence that was truly at the heart of of it.) A city known for its tradition of corrupt business, cops, and courts, (all races represented in the corruption) should be allowed to fail. When you build your house upon th sand.....or below the water line, you are asking for it. Ask and ye shall receive. New Orleans has arrived at the spot it has been heading with unerring accuracy for years. Katrina simply accelerated it. Re-electing the bribe taker won't help get Congress on your side, New Orleans. By doing so, you may have accelerated the inevitable even more.


Even if New Orleans did/does rebuild

to its original size, I don't think we will ever see the culture of New Orleans restored. I know I've heard/read others with this same opinion. It doesn't happen as often, but every once in a while I still run into someone in Charlotte who will refer to themselves or a new neighbor as a Katrina refugee. If they didn't have the financial ability to get out before the storm, chances are they won't ever have the financial ability to go home.

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.