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King Pope's 1% Fascist Corporate Chart Of Order Expose!

Now that we have Emperor 1% Corporate Fascist Pope Battle Plan of Order expose by James. Every Freedom loving America and North Carolina Citizen should carry this Game Program with them and expose the Bastards that seek to control your individual rights and freedom.. Nice work James.. Attack! Attack!

I can't believe we were both

thinking about Art Pope on Christmas Eve. For that reason alone, he should be tarred, feathered, rode out of town on a rail, and then he should be forced to sit through several of his own think-tank's lectures.

I know that last part seems a little harsh, but it's for his own good.


It's a sickness.

People say we should stop with the focus on Pope and his many transgressions. I guess that's what they would say about any dictator.

I keep wondering why Pope & ALEC aren't considered Racketeers.

Their actions are motivated to produce profit from fraud They have used bribery and terrorism to accomplish theft of government.

They are about to undertake the forcible dismantling of regulations and institutions intended under law to protect the public for the single purpose of profiteering.

How is that not material for a RICO investigation? If the KKK could be prosecuted for these acts why not ALEC or Pope incorporated?