New Dalton ad stares race in the face

So far this ad has only appeared online, but I think it needs to go on tv, statewide.

A McCrory victory could adversely impact NC's African-American population even more than a Romney victory, a fact which seems to be eluding many minority voters, if recent polls can be trusted.

While it is true the ad is a fairly transparent attempt to use race as a motivator to swing African-Americans toward Dalton, I firmly believe that's a direction they should be going.

The Recession has adversely affected NC's African-American population to a greater degree than whites, and the inevitable free-market reforms and austerity measures the one-two punch of a Republican-led Legislative and Executive would exacerbate that tenfold.

What's in the video needed to be said, and the Dalton campaign shouldn't shy away from it.


Dalton's best ad yet.


Not as good, I'm thinking

The message is good, but the visuals would be missed on the radio. And yes, part of what I'm talking about is seeing the faces of black people expressing their opinions.

They appear to be real people (as opposed to actors), with a certain depth of character that such a short ad only gives the viewer a glimpse of. Watch it again, and pay close attention to the twinkle in the eye. There's a lot more there than the words convey, but you won't get that over the airwaves.

As far as targeting, I'm not so sure that would be necessary (or wise). This is not just relevant to African-American voters. Something like 19% of registered Dems are leaning towards McCrory, and they're not all ConservaDems. They need to be reminded of what's at stake for everybody in the big tent.

I often think my party

I often think my party (Democratic) sacrifices significant white votes by assuming that all white people are at least comfortably in the middle class and/or do not have the same workplace, educational, and economic issues as Latinos and black folks. It seems to be forgotten, or never noticed, that working class and rural white people were also discouraged from voting by the poll tax of earlier decades. Working class and less affluent white people have no lobby and no political voice.

I'm certainly no ad or marketing expert but I would suggest a plain spoken ad stating and showing that Head Start and other school programs will be suffer or be eradicated under Republicans.

Obviously, this is just an opinion.