New Hanover County Commissioners (Unofficially) win race to the bottom on women’s health

At the national level the Republican Party has spent the last month or so in an incredible “race to the bottom” on women’s health care. Apparently they believe that attacking women’s access to birth control is a smart tactic to win elections. But considering that 99% of women will use some form of birth control at some point in their lives, you really have to wonder who’s advising these politicians.

We’ll add that to the long list of questions we have for the New Hanover County Commissioners today. Just this week the all-male Board of County Commissioners voted to reject a state grant in the amount of $8,899 that would “provide medical services related to family planning including physician’s consultation, examination, prescription, continuing supervision, laboratory examination and contraceptive supplies.” Congratulations New Hanover County Commissioners! You win the blue ribbon in the race to the bottom on women’s health!

Read the rest on our blog, Choice 2.0, including an option to sign a petition urging the Commissioners to reverse their decision.