New Message from Obama

Not sure how many of you demos subscribe to Obama's website....but here's a flash...I do.

Just received an email from Obama's website and it included a video made just prior to this Tuesday's inaugeration. I love hearing him speak because he's so pointed and oozes with intelligence and he's what we oldies used to call "suave and debonaire".

He's not being political (which is why I share that here) and is asking all of us to pitch in during this time in our country's history. That's just sooooo absolutely necessary. Hey, Max and Blue South and Linda and all of ya that just don't like me much....we're all in this together whether we like it or not and the truth is, I honestly feel Obama is our only chance for survival. I follow the news probably more than most because of my life's situation and I really listen hard to the financial networks and I read the Wall Street Journal daily. From my perspective and from what I believe from what I see, we're in dire straights, folks. This isn't about which party pulls us out of this or who is the politician that became our country's hero...this is about all of us pulling together.

Sure, I have my conserv leanings. I don't believe that those that are successful are the only folks that should suffer to get us out of this. I don't think that we should give up our country's history of honoring hard work and sacrifice to be successful. That just isn't our heritage. I also don't believe that we should make it easy for people to rely on government to cure all their own personal financial ills...INCLUDING corporations. We've just gone down the wrong path on that issue, in my opinion, with the huge bail outs and such.

But, Obama and Co. is what we have to rely on to do the major stuff to pull our sorry asses out of this...and I include myself in that (pardon the language). I'm on some conservative/republican blogs sometimes and I say this very same thing and so far, I'm getting a bunch of kudos for saying it (not all, of course).

Let's all join forces and stop the petty bickering...let's "get-er-done".

Yeah, I know...."kissy, kissy, Smooch, Smooch".

I mean this.


I like you just fine, Smitty

I just don't always agree with you.

I listened to Obama's remarks this morning in Philadelphia, and all I kept thinking was: "Wow! It's really going to happen! We're going to have an intelligent, well-spoken President." I'm just so proud to have him as our leader.

Here's a picture that we took at the rally in Fayetteville in October. I still look at these with amazement!

From Obama Rally in Fayetteville

Thanks, Linda

Hey, I HATE the Green Bay Packers professional football team....but I just absolutely LOVED Brett Favre when he was their quarterback.

I'm a HUGE UNC fan and as such, LOVE Davis Love (professional golfer and graduate from UNC) but when he's up against Tiger...well, I'm torn.

That's where I'm at right now politically....if you can understand that.

The best thinking is independent thinking.

I do indeed. understand that.

And you're probably right in line with a whole lot of America. You wait -- eventually you'll be won over to the left. (hahahaha).

Democrat in waiting...huh?

Well, not sure on that one, Linda.  I'm a crusty old dude pretty set in my ways...but you already knew that?  So far (and I know there's a long way to go here), I'm not what you would call disappointed in our new guy.  Again, I also like Kissell a lot.  I don't like Virginia Foxx worth a crap.  So....who knows !!  Of course, some folks would HATE to see me on that side of the fence...tee hee.

This inaugeration is really interesting.  I'm watching it on CNN right this moment where John King (my favorite commentator on CNN) is debuting his new program.  It looks like there's gonna be a mess on the Mall.  They say there's a problem with not having enough porta-potty's......geezzzz...  

I'm glad I'm retired so I can watch all the stuff going on including the actual event on TV.  

Keep workin' on me, girl.  Anything's possible.  Obama just proved that, didn't he?


The best thinking is independent thinking.

Yes he did!

I'm enjoying the inauguration, too, Smitty. I love watching history.