The new Pope/Berger political dictionary

For those, myself included, who are trying to match the words coming out of the mouths of the new Pope/McCrory administration with their actions, here is a brief list of words and catch phrases that might help.

Tax reform. 1. Welfare for the wealthy and corporations. 2. May also be defined as "soaking the poor".

Broken. Often used when describing public education. In a broad sense, refers to something that works, but must be destroyed in order to "fix it".

Civil liberties. Unnecessary privileges.

Voter fraud. Manufactured crisis with no supporting evidence, but a good excuse to suppress voters rights.

Affordable healthcare. A privilege of the wealthy, the rest of you can just suck it up.

Economic freedom. Allow businesses to avoid paying NC state taxes by shifting profits out of state. Give NC businesses the right to collaborate in order to suppress wages while denying individuals that same right.

The simple act of a Republican opening his or her mouth.


Sadly funny

Reminds me of the Mitt Romney and Pat McCrory campaigns, both of which were filled with more double-talk and bullshit than you can shake a stick at.

Funny, I don't remember McCrory running on a campaign to eliminate the state income tax. I guess it must have slipped his little mind.