New state leaders need to master the facts in the mental health debate

DRNC Director Vicki Smith's blog on Policy Watch site:

Irrespective of our political views, I and most everyone I know were relieved to see campaign season end. This campaign season was divisive. Differences between candidates and parties were not just highlighted, they were polarizing.

With the election over, winning candidates must move from campaigning to governing. To govern successfully, our newly elected officials need to quickly get up to speed – but not at the expense of accurate information. Complex and longstanding problems (such as North Carolina’s failed mental health reform) which were used as campaign sound bites now become opportunities to demonstrate solutions that work. The time for pointing fingers and laying blame has passed. It is now time for deliberate and well-informed action, not rhetoric.



Are you kidding? We can't even get the circus to recognize Science 101 when it comes to sea level rise ... there the "facts" are measurable with a ruler. You want them to entertain facts that involve numbers and dollars related to mental health? Never happen.

They just don't care. If you are a person who is black, poor, mentally ill, disabled, or have a vagina, you are a person who doesn't count to Republican "leaders" in Raleigh.

Inconvenient facts have no capacity to enter Republican "leaders'" brains. They have acute fact tissue rejection.